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Our youth program provides mentorship, counseling, advocacy and case management services. We aim to ...

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Parenting With Intent offers a variety of behavioral health services for adults, youth and families ...
  • The most important part of being a part of Parenting with Intent is that my worker is always willing to listen to me. I usually don’t have my own family members around to listen when big things come up, I don’t have family to help me out. But Marcus is always good about listening to me and helping me with goals. 17 years old
  • The services provided by Parenting with Intent to my clients have been outstanding! Each worker is dedicated and devoted to the clients I refer. They have the ability to develop strong, meaningful relationships with my teens that are long-lasting. They always go above and beyond! I have been nothing but impressed by the services provided! Christina Roth, Case Manager at DHS
  • I’ve had very good experiences with each worker assigned to my cases. They’ve been quick to respond, very good with communicating with me as the caseworker and the results have all been successful. The worker does an excellent job of keeping me up-to-date throughout the duration of the service. Jessica Dimiceli, Case Manager at DHS Child Welfare