Parenting with Intent was established in 2011 with the goal of providing seminars and in-home parenting support to various families in the community. PWI has expanded to not only focusing on parent education, but also providing myriad support services to help families involved with DHS Child Welfare in removing barriers to optimal family health. Our staff will engage clients with a collaborative approach in order to identify strengths and needs, with a shared vision for increased personal and family success.

The PWI Center for Family Support is located in Northeast Portland. This facility is used as a gathering place for our youth for both structured and unstructured activities. The youth and families involved with PWI enjoy the safe and comfortable atmosphere that the Center for Family Support has to offer. In addition, PWI provides group support and educational services as well as a space for youth and families to have access to resources, in addition to the PWI-sharing closet. This space is also well-equipped to provide therapeutic services, which will allow our licensed clinicians to provide individual, youth and family therapy.

“Parenting with Intent has been an amazing resource for us in working with our families. I have worked with numerous providers from PWI who have been such a great support to the families that I work with. Not only are they a support for my families, but I feel they are my partners and teammates as well. The kids that are working with a provider from PWI have said nothing but good things about the staff member they are working with. I have to say that in all of my experience working in Child Welfare, Parenting With Intent has been fantastic and is always my go to when I think about my families. They have done an amazing job and I commend all of them for the fabulous services that they provide and will continue to provide in the future.”

Olivia Navarro,
Social Service Specialist at Gresham Child Welfare