Big News at PWI!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new Youth Empowerment Services (YES!) Program. This will allow numerous youth involved with Child Welfare to receive long term, professional mentorship through PWI. Within this program, we are afforded the flexibility to design service plans that reflect the individual needs of each of our kids. This […]

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Trust is Built With Consistency

Consistency in parenting is so very important and also incredibly hard. There are easy (yet meaningful) parts, like showing up for your kids. Being home every day after school or after work, or kissing them when they go to bed at night and when they wake up in the morning. The harder part of being […]

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Life Without an Emergency Contact

Every Child Needs a Strong Safety Net I’m a mother of two teenage boys. I like to think that they are becoming confident and independent and will be ready to lead productive adult lives in just a few short years. I do my best to teach them about responsibility, relationships and the other million things […]

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