We wanted to share a beautiful outcome of the investment of long term mentorship and relationships.

AVL is a 17 year old youth who has been in and out of the justice system and has recently completed his time at the juvenile detention home. Over the past 5 years his PWI mentor Mark has been a constant support and instrumental in AVL’s journey. They met regularly working toward his goals of starting fresh, returning home and changing his trajectory. AVL recently found that he was to become a father, which gave him a new sense of purpose, further motivating him to make a change.

AVL was facing a crucial decision by the court between a structured program in southern Oregon or being returned to his local foster placement. Mark was able to express to the judge AVL’s progress and the consistent involvement and support he had been receiving from PWI. He advocated for him to be returned to his local foster placement. The judge acknowledged the value of PWI’s support and recognized AVL’s potential for positive growth. AVL was placed back at his foster home with the judge citing that PWI’s 5 plus years of support as a was a contributing factor to her decision. She also stated that she has seen very positive outcomes with youth involved in the PWI community, and she trusted the support that Mark provided AVL would be a significant asset to his success in the community.

Now, six months later, AVL is an invested, involved father and partner, has graduated high school, maintains a full-time job, and has found permanent independent housing for he and his family. This is a testament to AVL’s determination, support of Mark’s mentorship and the positive influence of PWI. Mark remains a regular support for AVL and his team.

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