Black Lives Matter

At Parenting With Intent, we stand firmly alongside the Black community in dismantling systems of white supremacy, systemic racism and an end to anti-Black violence. As a community organization committed to social justice, we see daily the disproportionately adverse outcomes for the Black youth and families that we serve. As a diverse staff, we acknowledge that our individual experience of oppressive systems differ greatly. We value the perspectives that this affords us and are invested in building our capacities for systemic and meaningful change as individuals and as an organization. PWI is working intentionally to further understand how systems of oppression operate individually, in our own organization and within institutions and structures of society.

We understand that we have a lot to learn both individually and as a team about being anti-racist. We are an organization that values and utilizes authentic relationships and aspires for growth. Our hope is that those relationships can be the catalyst for open dialog, vulnerability, strength and long lasting transformations.

In response and in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter Movement, PWI is making the following commitments:

  • We will provide paid time off for employees to participate in the movement
  • We will organize a fundraiser to support a local Black organization and PWI will match up to $1000 of funds raised
  • We will inform staff about opportunities to attend rallies, marches and demonstrations together
  • We will participate in ongoing training, consultation in partnership with outside agencies and support around our capacity building for Diversity Equity and Inclusion
  • We will conduct an annual White Supremacy Assessment of the culture and structure of our organization and will implement founded recommendations
  • We will create opportunities for caucusing in groups based on racial identity
  • We will promote a work environment that encourages the interruption of individual and structural bias, microaggressions and a willingness to be held accountable for our actions

We understand that this work is difficult and that we might not always get it right the first time, but we are committed to a lifelong journey towards anti-racist practice. We will stand up and speak up for Black lives.