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PWI is passionate about who we serve and how we serve them. 

We want to share this experience with you as a volunteer and a donor.  One of our intended impacts is that our youth and families will create and participate in safe communities. Creating connections with volunteers and donors is one way to start building community. There are so many ways to become engaged with our youth, families, and PWI community. We can’t wait to connect with you!


  • Transporting youth to and from LIFE Group and activities
  • Cooking or providing a home cooked meal for LIFE Groups
  • Volunteering in our Clothing Closet, Clothing donations
  • Providing tutoring and homework help
  • Become a Chef for a Day - Cook or provide a meal for LIFE group
  • Moving assistance for families
  • Sponsoring a community activity
  • Birthday / Graduation celebration committee
  • Be a community partner
  • In Kind Donations
  • Sustainable giving
  • Corporate donation match

Giving Opportunities

  • Annual Donation
  • Corporate Donation Match
  • Holiday Drive Sponsorship
  • In Kind Donations
  • Sustainable Giving

Interested in giving opportunities? Contact [email protected].

At PWI we want you as a volunteer and donor to be a part of our youth and families experiences.

Volunteering during LIFE Group is an opportunity to help youth access healthy relationships and community, facilitate growth, and HAVE FUN!

Access to Healthy Relationships and Community

We bring our Foster Youth together weekly during LIFE Groups to connect and form new bonds with mentors, other youth, and volunteers. These youth can experience multiple displacements which often lead to broken attachments. It is hard to develop a healthy sense of self and trust, which inhibits the ability to create a safe community and healthy relationships. These groups are an ideal place to start to build and repair relationships with healthy adult mentors and volunteers.

Opportunities for Growth

LIFE Groups are facilitated and attended by PWI mentors and adult volunteers looking to support youth in their journey. Foster Youth can be exposed to unimaginable traumas, which makes it challenging to feel safe and develop in an age appropriate way. Barriers to personal development can be overcome by having one real, healthy adult attachment. Being a volunteer at LIFE Group is a rewarding opportunity and a great start for our youth to build safe relationships.

Get to have FUN!

Many Foster Youth do not have access to the "Fun Stuff" we are committed to providing new and enjoyable experiences for our youth and families. It is so important for them to try new activities and have Fun. Our LIFE, Adventure, and Activity Groups are focused on just that, FUN experiences. These opportunities range from hitting the mountain, floating the river, playing soccer, going to the beach, time at the park and many other adventures. Volunteers and donors are so important to making these experiences happen for our youth and families.

Groups are offered Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evenings from 4-7PM. We would love your time and energy for these Foster Youth and families.

Volunteers and donors are essential in making these opportunities a possibility. We would love to hear from you today. For volunteer opportunities please contact [email protected]. If you are interested in being a donor please contact [email protected] You may also connect with us at (503) 850-7979.

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