Family Services

Program Mission

PWI’s Family Support Services are designed to help stabilize DHS Child Welfare involved families in hopes of allowing for parents and children to remain safely in the home. We attempt to meet the basic needs of all families so they can move beyond crisis and into a balanced and healthy home life. Our approach works to equip our families with the tools to access helpful resources and the voice to advocate for their needs.

Referrals for our Family Services are made through DHS Child Welfare.

Family Services Program:

  • Hands on parent education and skills training
  • Resource connection
  • Therapeutic visitation
  • System navigation
  • Parent support

Asha Omar,
Family Services Program Manager
[email protected]

family services

"Parenting with Intent has been an amazing resource for us in working with our families. Not only are they a support for my families, but I feel they are my partners and teammates as well. I have to say that in all of my experience working in Child Welfare, Parenting With Intent has been fantastic and is always my go to when I think about my families. They have done an amazing job and I commend all of them for the fabulous services that they provide and will continue to provide in the future."

– Olivia Navarro, Social Service Specialist at Gresham Child Welfare