Family Services

About Our Work with Families

PWI's Family Support Services are designed to facilitate safety and stability for Oregon Department of Human Services Child Welfare involved families. Our intention is to support parents so that their children are able to remain safely in the home and out of the foster care system. We attempt to connect families to community resources so that they can move beyond crisis and into a more balanced and secure home life. Our approach aims to work in collaboration to build upon strengths so that they are able to achieve their goals in parenting.

Our Family Services Impact Statements

Self in Parenting

Parents will strive to understand their own gifts and challenges in raising their children. They will learn to build on their strengths and to address the barriers to achieving their goals in parenting.

Relationships in Parenting

Families will work to cultivate relationships that are rich with authenticity and trust. Parents will strive to understand the lifelong impact of healthy connections on the successful development of their children.

Parenting in Communities

Parents will work to create a culture of safety and security within their homes. They will strive to engage their families in healthy and helpful communities.

Parenting with Intent

Parents will work to understand their children as unique and special beings. They will learn to look beyond how they want their children to behave in order to focus more on who they would like them to become.

Brenda Miggins-Vaughn, MA, CADC I
Family Services Program Manager
[email protected]

family services impact

"Parenting With Intent has been an amazing resource for us in working with our families. Not only are they a support for my families, but I feel they are my partners and teammates as well. I have to say that in all of my experience working in Child Welfare, Parenting With Intent has been fantastic and is always my go to when I think about my families. They have done an amazing job and I commend all of them for the fabulous services that they provide and will continue to provide in the future."

– Olivia Navarro, Social Service Specialist at Gresham Child Welfare