Individual, Couples, & Family Therapy

Welcome to Counseling Services, Parenting With Intent's mental health program!

We intend to hold a healing space for the emergence of an integrated and authentic sense of self. 

We do this through a collaborative process of supporting folks with drawing meaning from challenges, coming into a sense of cohesion and belonging, and orienting towards strength and contentment.

How we help...

We offer individual and family therapy for adults, youth, couples, and families. We engage clients with a collaborative approach, emphasizing the importance of connection within the therapeutic relationship. Believing that when provided a safe and supportive environment, families can work through past experiences and trauma and can achieve a greater sense of personal success.


  • To understand one’s own gifts and challenges of navigating life. To learn to build on strengths and to address the barriers to achieving goals.


  • To cultivate relationships that are rich with authenticity and trust. To strive to understand the lifelong impact of healthy connections.


  • To create a culture of safety and security within social environments. To engage in healthy and helpful communities.

Living With Intention:

  • To understand one’s self and others as special beings. To integrate tools that promote wholeness. 
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Clinical Team

doozie Midyett, LSCW

doozieMental Health Services
doozie enjoys working with adults, teens and families as a mental health counselor specifically in helping to support and find success with school, anxiety, stress, and generally how to navigate through the world. She works closely with families to provide additional support on how to best assist their teenagers with this process. doozie strives to create a comfortable, positive space where you can become a person who feels strong and proud of who you are. She most often uses a solution-focused and client-centered approach. Her therapeutic process is to help you move through your challenges by using your own strengths. She utilizes Mindfulness, Restorative Justice and Emotional Security therapy models to assist with processing trauma. doozie believes her clients are the experts of their own lives and she is here to provide support, guidance and perspective.

Megan Petrucelli, LMFT

Megan Petrucelli, LMFTAs a Marriage and Family Therapist, Megan works with individuals, families and couples to support self-empowerment and belonging. She acts as a facilitator, working collaboratively with clients to help them create the life and community they value most. Megan strives to honor each individual's unique identity and support the actualization of their greatest self. Her practice is founded in social justice and an awareness of systemic/institutional oppression is woven into her work.

Megan's treatment approach draws from many theories including Just Therapy, Structural Therapy, Filial Therapy, Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT), Cognitive and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (CBT/DBT), Narrative Therapy, mindfulness practices and play therapy. She maintains a strength-based focus and will explore the context of your life, such as family dynamics, attachment style and the impact of traumatic events, in relation to the identified concern. Megan encourages open communication and will align the appropriate intervention to individuals and families based on stated needs, feedback and discussion.

Megan is currently being trained in Accelerated Resolution Training (ART). This practice developed out of EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) and relies on a similar technique using eye movement to reorganize the way the brain stores memories. This reduces the intensity of emotional triggers and helps to regain a sense of stability. ART is useful in attending to depression, anxiety, grief and trauma which are some of the areas in which Megan specializes.

Greg Newman

greg newmanI was born in Okinawa, Japan in 1960. My father worked for the state department so although I was born overseas I have a US birth certificate. We also spent several years living in India. In 1965 I moved with my mother and siblings to Portland Oregon so I consider myself a lifelong Oregonian. The first half of my adulthood was spent pursuing fame and fortune in the arts. I was a semi-professional musician. Surprisingly, playing rock 'n' roll made me neither rich nor famous so to keep body and soul together I did various kinds of physical labor. Everything from handcrafted glass factory work to industrial metal fabrication factories. My last physical labor job was working for a general contractor in remodeling and new home construction. In 1998 I decided it was time for a significant life change and went to school to get my associates, bachelors, and then masters degree in social work so I could practice as a therapist. For close to 17 years I worked in a local nonprofit doing clinical therapy, clinical supervision, and eventually I became the Director of Clinical Services for the agency. I'm now excited to be returning to direct service with clients which was my original passion in the field of social work. I live with my partner in North Portland who works in community health.

Clinical Team Associates

Guy Saintel, CSWA

guy saintelEmotional intelligence is the cornerstone for healthy relationships – creating a safe space, instilling empathy, and establishing trust with sincerity & compassion. There is perhaps no greater foundation you could possibly set in one’s life for optimum growth without those components; and fortunately for me in the last 15+ yrs, I’ve had the challenging pleasure of working in diverse populations in different age groups and life experiences who’ve suffered considerable mental health issues & disorders. My expertise includes individuals with Intellectual & Developmental disabilities, seriously physically/mentally ill patients, substance abuse, emotional irregularity, depression, PTSD, bipolar disorders, adjustment issues and relationship problems.

Unbeknownst to me, these various challenges and experiences have inadvertently trained me to enhance my emotional & social intelligence exponentially – polishing my communication skills that creates rapport-building with clients or with anyone relatively simple, calming and non-condensing. Such remedying factors are paramount in therapeutic settings. As far as my education goes: I received my Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice and my Masters degree in Social work (MSW); in hopes to rectify the social injustices we face incessantly today. I am currently training for my License Clinical Social Work (LCSW), and am a Clinical Social Worker Associate (CSWA). As a black man, I believe positioning myself in the clinical field of therapy will be an invaluable service to our community, especially for our communities of color who seek such support & connection who look like them.

Grace Jones, CSWA

Grace is a Clinical Social Work Associate and enjoys working with youth and adult individuals. She attempts to create enjoyable and comfortable spaces for people to explore what barriers might be getting in the way of them achieving their goals in life. Grace believes that when people are accepted fully and offered compassion and love they can generally find the path they've been looking for all along. She relies on the wisdom and guidance provided by a plethora of theoretical perspectives such as Attachment Theory, Polyvagal Theory and the teachings of Carl Rogers. She also recognizes the impact societal failures and systemic oppression can have on one's mental health and aims to provide a Trauma Informed practice.

Asha Omar, CSWA, MSW, QMHP

Asha OmarAsha has a Master's in Social work and graduated from Portland State University. She is a qualified mental health professional who is working on her licensure and has over 4 years of counseling experience in schools and community mental health settings. She believes in using strength based and client centered approach when it comes to providing therapy and meeting clients where they are at.

Asha offers individual counseling to children, youth, adults and families. She is trauma informed, uses eclectic modalities and have been trained and uses Play Therapy/Sand Play Therapy, Collaborative Problem Solving, Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Solution Focused Brief Therapy, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. She draws from humanistic perspective and believes in helping individuals develop healthier sense of self and so they can become stronger individuals.

What I love about providing counseling is being able to help individuals and families gain insight to what is bothering them, learn/develop skills and use these skills to reduce issues/concerning behaviors. I enjoy seeing individuals make transformation over time. I also enjoy working with families and children in providing guidance and psychoeducation.

Asha is bilingual, bicultural counselor whose experienced in working with individuals and families from different backgrounds. She continues to go on ongoing trainings that will allow her to serve individuals from diverse backgrounds such as race, culture, religion, socioeconomic, gender, sexual orientation and identity.

PWI is paneled with most commercial insurances and can bill out of network benefits. 

We are currently in network with the following insurance providers and also offer Private Pay or Sliding scale:

  • Health Share and Trillium through the Oregon Health Plan/Care Oregon
  • Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Providence
  • United Health Care
  • Pacific Source
  • Beacon
  • MHN
  • MODA

Private Pay: $120 per 60 minutes session

Sliding Scale: $60-$120 per 60 minutes sessionFor Associate


What one of our youth said about being involved with PWI…

"It feels like a warm bath, just that constant feeling of warmth and relaxed and going to be ok."

– Izzy