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Youth Empowerment Services (YES!) Program

Youth Empowerment Services Portland, OR
Through steady Partnership and Guidance, we Empower our youth to Navigate this world with Intention.

YES! Program Mission: Through skillful mentorship, the YES! Program strives to establish trusting relationships and meaningful connections. It is our hope that youth involved in our program learn to identify an authentic sense of self, develop and sustain healthy relationships, recognize and participate in safe communities and live with intention.

youth empowerment services program
Individual youth mentor services portland, or

Youth Empowerment Program

This program is in partnership with DHS Child Welfare and provides long term mentorship to youth ages 9-21 in order to help minimize the traumatic effects of the Foster Care system.

  • 1:1 professional long term mentorship
  • System navigation
  • Education support
  • Placement stability
  • Group and Club opportunities
  • Community outings and events
  • Work readiness skills training
youth education program portland, or

Education Program

The Education Program aims to provide trauma informed and individualized education services and support to any youth enrolled in the YES! Program. This is a relationship-based service where youth voice is recognized and valued as an essential component of the service plan.

  • Provides one on one coaching, homework help and tutoring for the GED exam and traditional diploma track
  • Providing consultations for PWI mentors
  • Implement social and emotional learning programs to improve engagement and participation in academic settings
  • Increase students’ self-confidence and empowerment
  • Help youth identify and participate in healthy learning environments
  • Help youth navigate and understand programs, supports and financial options regarding college (system navigation)
  • Support youth and families in navigating special education and disciplinary systems in schools
youth employment program portland, or

Work Readiness Program

Work Readiness can help youth with a job search, career exploration, and maintaining/improving their employment. Our goals are to help youth learn about employability, find and keep a job and start on a career path towards independence!

My Life

Through skilled mentorship, education, community engagement and partnerships, we aim to empower our youth with the tools necessary to engage in healthy, meaningful relationships that are free of abuse, exploitation and violence. Our goal is to offer intensive individual and group mentorship to youth who are at risk, or have current and/or previous experiences with commercial sexual exploitation (CSEC).

This program is firmly rooted in Harm Reduction and Trauma Informed Care approaches. Our providers will be highly trained and experienced professional mentors who will receive clinical supervision provided by PWI, as well as regular outside training and learning opportunities. In order to effectively collaborate with community partners and to best serve CSEC survivors, this service is intended to be flexible and free from stringent service expectations and outcomes.

Our CSEC Support Specialists will offer visits 1-3 times a week and can occur within treatment/placement facilities and in the community, and will be available for support after business hours and on weekends. Additionally, this program aims to strengthen relationships and collaboration with community partners in hopes of continuing to gain knowledge and support from all members of the community who are working towards ending Human Trafficking.

Commercially Sexually Exploited Children (CSEC) Program

YES! Program Contact

Keaton McFadden
YES! Program Director

Referrals to our YES! program must be made through a DHS Child Welfare caseworker.



"In my 20 years with DHS Child Welfare, I have not seen a program that is more effective in helping youth feel empowered and engaged in their own lives."

– Glenda Marshall, FOCUS Program Coordinator, DHS Child Welfare