Youth Group Programs

Youth Empowerment Services (YES!) Group Offerings

The Q!

The Q! is a safe place for queer youth to explore issues that impact them and their community. The Q! is open to PWI youth who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, question, asexual, pansexual and more! This is a place to talk about life, get information, find LGBTQ resources, and seek support for things like friendships, family, relationships, coming out, transitioning, identity development, and whatever else is on their mind!

Bring your authentic self to The Q!

Meets every other Saturday from 1-3pm

FOCUS (Focusing on our Cultures Unique System)

This group is designed around culturally specific conversations and dialogue that intend to educate and celebrate African American culture.

Meets the 4th Sunday of the month

Monthly Teen Events

Gathering of all ages of youth to celebrate community, fellowship, peer support and leadership.
Annual signature outings include: Pumpkin Patch, Santa Pictures, Field Day, Cookie making and much more.

Meets 1x monthly

LIFE Group (Lessons in Future Empowerment)

Teen and staff led discussions, goal oriented activities, enhanced community awareness and involvement. We work through challenging events and holidays that Foster youth encounter.

Age Groups 9-12 13-17 18 and older

Groups meet 3X week from 5-7~ Dinner 5:00pm

Crushin’ it with Keaton

Crushin’ It is a group available to all youth who are looking for opportunities to be active. The emphasis of the group is to be physically active to promote health and wellness of bodies and minds. Youth have the opportunity to participate in varying activities such as; sports, hiking, dancing, skating, etc!

Group meets 1x month

Adventure Club

Adventure Club is an opportunity for youth to explore the great outdoors, connect with nature and experience the beauty around them. The Club offers a chance for youth to challenge themselves and engage in new group experiences. The Club plans an adventure once a quarter and travels as a group to the destination. Come join us for the next memorable experience!

Meets once a quarter on Saturday’s


HEAL is an education and prevention group led by our licensed clinical program manager. Youth who have been impacted by substance use -- personally and/or within their community, family, and friendships -- discuss the consequences they have seen and experienced, and share positive strategies for moving through their adolescence in ways that more accurately reflect the values and choices they are developing and supporting with one another.

Meets every Monday 4:30 - 6:00 ~Dinner 4:30pm